Versionββ18.10.2008 13:23

  • Schiffsklassen-System wurde auf Typen- und Größenklasse umgestellt
  • Änderungen am Kamfsystem - Kämpfe ziehen sich nun über mehrere Minuten hinweg
  • Neuer Kampfbericht, Javascript basiert
  • Neues Flottenmenü
  • Neuer Registrationsscreen
  • Umstellung der Datenbankanbindung auf PDO
  • Nicht funktionierende Features wurden vorerst entfernt
  • Neues Balancing, Berufe machen mehr Sinn
  • Änderungen an Artefakt-Rezepten, 1 neues Artefakt
  • Spionage neu konzeptioniert und eingefügt
  • Eine Überraschung eingebaut
  • Diverse kleinere fixeβ04.09.2007 22:22
Questsystem spricht nun auf Leveländerungen an
Möglichkeit, Artefakte zu bauen eingeführt (Schwarzforscher)β22.08.2007 11:47
Neues Handelssystem
- GVGs haben Ress, die sie nicht Einkaufen und Ress, die sie nicht Verkaufen
- Ress, die nicht Verkauft werden, werden aufgebraucht
- GVGs besteuern Handel mit einer Ladegebühr von ca. 5% (genaue werte sind angegeben)β22.06.2007 14:43

  • Changed Tabs-Script to be Cookie-independent
  • Changed Artefact-Behaviour: Artefacts won't disappear if used without possible Options (Building-Seeds, Tech-Cards)
  • Fixed SQL-Error occuring if Tech-Card was used without Options
Hilfe-Update04.06.2007 09:41

  • Überarbeitung einiger Hilfe-Texte
  • Einen Hilfe-Text für das Herrscherdossier hinzugefügt
  • Einen Hilfe-Text bei der Job-Wahl hinzugefügt
  • Hilfe-Text bei Bunker und Kommandozentrale hinzugefügt
  • Hilfe-Text für "Spiel" (Optionen/Statistiken) hinzugefügtβ28.05.2007 09:26

  • CHANGED: Clan-Ambassadors may now accept and propose treaties
  • CHANGED: Galaxy-View: Fleets will now yield a Popup even in the normal view
  • ADDED: Artefact-Combine-Center to Kommand-Central
Versionβ27.05.2007 17:30
Status-Upgrade: Beta

  • Changes:

    • Races are now defined per 6 Attributes and several Features
    • New Racial Levels are gained half as fast than before
    • Temporary removed Terraforming
    • Scanrange of Communication-Central Improved
    • Max. Scanrange in the Galaxyview increased to 50pc
    • Added dynamic Values to Ships (depending on Tech-Values)
    • Added Option to show/hide Production-Values
    • Activated Weapon-Specific Damage during Fights
    • Changed Trading System (Limited Ress/Credits on GVGs)
    • Added Name-Pool to Galaxy-Creation-Script
    • Search-Field in Communication-Window is now displayd above Search-Results
    • Removed Min. Charachter-Restriction in Communcation-Win., thus searching for * will yield everything within range
    • Added Inhabited-Restriction: Only Inhabited Planets will show up
    • Added/Updated Quest-System
    • Added several new Artefacts
    • Added option to display vote-buttons ingame [top-right-corner]
    • Changed some grafics
    • Added size-Restriction to Alliances (may be improved through research
    • Fixed some Minor-Bugs and Vulnerabilities to XSS and SQL-Injection
    • Removed some possibilities to cheat via GET-Manipulation
    • Added Several Grafics
    • Updated RX-Styles
    • Updated Index-Pageα314.01.2007 14:39

  • FIXED: Bug crashing the game when trying to trade with another Users/your Own Tradestation
  • FIXED: Bug which rendered Use of some Quick-Select-Layers impossible
  • FIXED: Bug that prevented any RAIDs or SPY-Attempts - This Bug could also provide a Problem with Quest-Fights
  • CHANGED: Rised Sizes for Docking from 1000 to 10000
  • CHANGED: Rised Production of Credits for each Level of the Government-Building from 25 to 125
  • CHANGED: Made Read-PM-Interface visual appealing
  • CHANGED: Made Error-Page visual appealing
  • CHANGED: Removed Borders and Tables from most Fleet-Interface-Menus, thus removing a Bug which caused Quick-Select-Layers to be displayed behind the text instead of infrontα312.01.2007 19:21

  • ADDED: Apply parameters to all ships having the same Name
  • ADDED: Apply parameters to all ships having the same Name, numbered (numbers in Names are used as placeholders for other Numbers. A ships Name with 'Ship 01' will be updated as well as a ship having 'Ship 02' as its Name if the changing ships Name is 'Ship 3', 'Ship 03' etc.)
  • ADDED: Function to update ALL ships on the Planet (usable once per Day)
  • ADDED: Basic-Quest-System
  • ADDED: Weapon-types
  • ADDED: Weapon-definition to config script
  • CHANGED: Increased Textarea-Size for Forum-posts
  • CHANGED: Weapons are now handled differently than before
  • CHANGED: Defensebase-Capacity added through main-Building-levels increased to 100
  • REMOVED: Salve-Definitons from any other values (those will be definded through weapons)
  • REMOVED: Display of Weapons-Strength (will be Re-Added later)
  • FIXED: PMs to Alliances are now functioning
  • FIXED: Changing a Ships configuration with builtin Artefacts won't delete added Artefacts anymore
  • FIXED: Adding an Artefact to a ship won't delete the wrong Artefact from Inventory anymore
  • FIXED: Using a Wormhole or Orbital Stargate doesn't allow usage of other Parameters as 'Amok' anymore
  • FIXED: Weapons don't share the same AIM-Value anymore
  • FIXED: Defensebase-Capacity has been calculated wrong
  • FIXED: Display of Error-Messages...α308.01.2007 12:17

  • ADDED: Re-Allowed docking
  • ADDED/CHANGED: Docked Ships will be Destroyed, if carrier-ship is destroyed
  • ADDED/CHANGED: Set fixed Limit of 1000 Sizes to be docked at a Station/Ship
  • CHANGED: Turrets set to flee at 100% are now visible (Galaxy-View, Ships-Summary)
  • FIXED: "Blitzangriff" didn't make ships attack first, but last
  • FIXED: Attacking Ships could appear on the Defending Side as Well
  • FIXED: Overflow-Bug that Removed Credits worth more than 4 Mrd if those had to be moved on ONE Ship
  • FIXED: Academy was overwriting EXP completely, not only Adding, causing to actually REMOVE Exp under certain conditionsα304.01.2007 15:20

  • ADDED: Possibility to Collect, Harvest, Recycle Ressources from garbage fields, Lostcargo-Fields and Planetary Rings (from which none has ressources at the Moment). Usage: Go to a fleet of choice having at LEAST one ship with Harvest/Recycle/Collect ability, fly to desired coords, use the Fleets Galaxyview and go to detailview of the Field you wish to loot. Select the apropiate Ressource and your ships will begin to collect the Ressoruce.

    • Harvest: Only usable on Planetary Rings
    • Collect: Only Usable on Lost Garbage
    • Recycle: Only Usable on Destroyed Ships
  • ADDED: Fleeing Ships will now once again form an EscapeFleet
  • ADDED: 4 New Technologies containing 12 new Plates (Pelucidar)
  • FIXED: Pre-Viewing of unresearchable Technologies
  • FIXED: Last Base Tech didn't get selectable, althoug all needed Techs were present
  • FIXED: Terraform-Interface was reduced to Garbage...
  • FIXED: Unwanted workaround to built all Engines in to a ship
  • FIXED: Trying to create a Fleet having a ship with a speed of 0 won't get the Ships stuck any more
  • FIXED: Orbital Stargate wasn't usable
  • FIXED: Building a Ship with artefacts was using artefacts from other Players
  • FIXED: Major/Minor Bugs in KS

    • EMP was used more than once
    • Regeneration of SP/HP wasn't counted althoug listed in FightReport
    • EXP wasn't gained althoug listed in FightReport

  • CHANGED: Time-Reduction set to 5%
  • CHANGED: Needed Time for ALL Ships significantly reduced
  • CHANGED: Balancing of ship-internal Values almost complete... (testing Phase)
  • CHANGED: Adventcalendar can be used by anyone who missed the event, to geht the 2nd Planet-Key


  • Attacking Ships might find themselves on the side of Attacker AND Defender (especially using "Flugverband" )
  • All Weapons share the same AIM-Value 13:04

  • FIXED: General Bugs
  • FIXED: Repair-Time Bug
  • FIXED: Bug in KS
  • FIXED: Bug in Yard
  • ADDED: Some Tutorial steps
  • ADDED: Fixed Techs
  • ADDED: Collect Quest
  • ADDED: Advent-Calender
  • ADDED: Inventory
  • ADDED: Artefacts
  • ADDED: Paralyzed-Event to KB
  • ADDED: Language-Constant to German Language-File
  • ADDED: hse-effect to database
  • ADDED: hse-effect to shipyard
  • ADDED: Configuration Option Buildtime Reduction of Shipyard, Defensebase, Dock
  • ADDED: Configuration Option for Hidden Class-Boni (+5,+10,+20,+40) for each of these classes: MJ, MB, MK, F, V
  • ADDED: Bonus-Calculation to KS
  • ADDED: HRM-Option in SE3-Index for ships
  • ADDED: HP-Regeneration-Event to KS
  • ADDED: HP-Regeneration-Event to Fightreport
  • ADDED: language-text for above Events
  • ADDED: FLEE-EXP-Event to KS
  • ADDED: EXP-Event to Fightreport
  • ADDED: EXP-Fightreport-Text to Language-File
  • ADDED: New Shipyard-Script
  • ADDED: New KS-Script
  • ADDED: New Tech-Script
  • CHANGED: Info.txt
  • CHANGED: Time-Reduction per Level to 25% instead of 33% for Yard, Dock, and Defensebase
  • CHANGED: Time-Reduction-Bonus is only available if Buildinglevel is equal to or higher level 2
  • CHANGED: Research of not fixed Technologies may now end before the maximal Time
  • CHANGED: Galaxyview: Garbage dosen't block Planet-clicks anymore
  • CHANGED: Resolution is rather read from Cookie (if possible) than from Account-Settings
  • REMOVED: Old Shipyard-Script
  • REMOVED: Old KS-Script
  • REMOVED: Old Tech-Script
  • REMOVED: Configuration Option: Default Escape Parameter for Military Ships
  • REMOVED: Configuration Option: Default Escape Parameter for Civil Ships
  • REMOVED: Planetary Shield (will be reimplemented sometime later)
  • REMOVED: Docking Possibility (will be reimplemented sometime later)
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